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How to order items:

STEP 1 - Click the Continue button

STEP 2 - Select Your Items
- The list of items available for you to purchase will then be displayed.
- Please select the quantity you wish to buy, for each item.
- If you do not want to buy an item, leave the quantity zero.
- After selecting all the items you wish to buy, click the Proceed button

STEP 3 - Confirm Your Order
- You will then be able to check the details of your order. To finalize the purchase, click Pay Now (Paypal). If you need to make a change to your order, click the Modify Order button.
- Once you click Pay Now, you will be redirected to the secured payment site at "PayPal.com". Simply follow the instructions. Please note that on the PayPal site, your quantity will be shown as 1, this simply refers to the fact that you are making one purchase, not the amount of items you have bought.

STEP 4 - Pay Securely at PayPal
- When you are on the PayPal website just follow the instructions.
- To pay, you do NOT need a PayPal account; you can pay with a credit card.
- Once the payment is processed by PayPal you will receive one confirmation e-mail message from them - the official receipt to Bees Universe - AND another confirmation e-mail message from Food-Pickup - the list of items in your order.
Both these e-mail messages are sent to the e-mail address you declared at PayPal.
Please make sure you check not only your INBOX but also the SPAM/BULK/JUNK folder.
Your name
Your email address (or phone)
TOTAL number of seats you want

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